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20 horrible ideas for a podcast

The first ten are from the AI. They all sound awesome to me.

20 horrible ideas for a podcast

    1. The Daily Rant

    A podcast where the host goes on a daily rant about a controversial topic.

    2. The Gossip Show

    A podcast where the host and guests gossip about celebrities and other public figures.

    3. The Complainer

    A podcast where the host complains about everything and anything.

    4. The Boring Show

    A podcast where the host talks about mundane, everyday topics.

    5. The Rambling Show

    A podcast where the host rambles on and on without any real structure or purpose.

    6. The hostage taker's demands

    A podcast where the host interviews people who have taken hostages and their motivations for doing so.

    7. Murderabilia

    A podcast about people who collect items related to murderers, their crimes, and their victims.

    8. The dark side of online dating

    A podcast about people's experiences with online dating, focusing on the bad ones.

    9. True crime fanatics

    A podcast about people who are obsessed with true crime, to the point where it affects their everyday lives.

    10. Serial killer groupies

    A podcast about women who are attracted to serial killers and why they are drawn to them.

    11. Toenail Clippings

    The host talks about whatever he feels like while clipping his toenails in public.

    12. We Are Horrible People

    The host justifies and defends the most horrible things in the world, with guests.

    13. The Dog Therapist Podcast

    A dog therapist records their sessions. Assuming it's not unethical. Or maybe it is, and it makes the idea even more horrible.

    14. How Does One Have Sex?

    A virgin interviews people to get sex and love tips. Wait, could this be a good idea?

    15. Farts Only

    The host and the guest "talk" to each other by farting. No talking.

    Yeah, this one is definitely horrible.

    16. Burps Only

    A spin-off.

    17. Mild Sex Offenders

    The host interviews people who got caught for a mild sex offense, such as peeing in a bush next to a playground. THESE ARE THEIR STORIES!

    18. Child Workers

    Interviews of children from countries with high rates of child labor, but they don't speak English so it's awkward.

    19. My Favorite Fruit

    The host interviews people about their favorite fruits. Each episode is 12 hours long.

    20. Forgive Me For Interrupting

    Every guest is fascinating, but the host keeps interrupting them to talk about himself.

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