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20 Ideas On How To End Credit Card Debt & The Need for "Credit Repair" Forever!

Of course, there's no need to restate the most common advice given around this topic but I will humor you.
Always pay on time. Always.
Live below your means.
Add a credit mix.
Pay down your credit cards.
Make your payments automatic.
Lower your credit utilization
Stopping begging so much (hard inquiries)
Monitor your credit.

Let's contemplate some deeper ideas surrounding this thing called credit. These ideas are meant only for contemplation. Once again, they are filled with tons of metaphors

    1. Most people's suffering is at the roots but they spend the majority of their time hacking at branches.

    2. Most people believe that life is about sacrifice and suffering and will do anything (including incurring a lot of debt or having bad credit) to reinforce those beliefs.

    3. Most people budget their time and money for the wrong things.

    4. Most people will believe anything. Who are the Joneses? Are they real or fictional? Why do so many people break their necks and sacrifice (there goes that word again) everything to try and keep up with them?

    5. Most grown people are still lying to themselves. They know that the Truth will set them free. The time is always either NOW or not now.

    6. Most people look for happiness outside of themselves. Debt loves company and so does bad credit.

    7. Most people don't make paying off their debt or repairing their bad credit a priority.

    8. Credit card companies are so generous because they put the wood in first before they ask for any fire.

    9. You have 30 days of creativity at your disposal. Ready, set, go!!

    10. Redefine your language. Instead of calling it an emergency, call it "a small slice of life".

    11. Which phrases do you prefer to say when you talk to yourself?: There is no debt. I have excellent credit. or I'm under my eyeballs in debt. My credit sucks.

    12. You spend time thinking and talking about what you don't want and very little time contemplating what you do want

    13. What is being in mounds of debt or having horrible credit trying to tell you?

    14. Being in a lot of debt or having bad credit makes your world really small

    15. Most people are only willing to pay the minimum.

    16. Too many people like to overcomplicate what is inherently simple.

    17. Most people's utilization ratio is too high.

    18. Most people fail to realize that life and everything in it is about strategy.

    19. Very few people have entertained the thought of what it would feel like to be debt free.

    20. How is that treating yourself (living your best life) working out for you?

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