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20 Little Known Ways To Improve Your Pricing Page

Prices may seem objective on the surface but there are a lot of nuances and seemingly irrelevant that can influence and persuade customers to buy. These are guidelines - always test.

    1. Use a lot of white and light colors as much as possible. Color looks heavy on a pricing page.

    2. Show no more than 3-4 options. Your mind can only keep track of 4 objects - Customers can easily keep track of 3-4 objects on a page but adding a 5th option collapses their attention

    3. Place the prices at the top of the page. When I click on a page to see prices I expect to see prices. If I see something other than prices It may feel jarring and I might wonder if I'm on the right page.

    4. Place pricing plans/customer options in the center of the page because its easier for customers to compare.

    5. The choices we make on a pricing page are heavily influenced by the dominance of our hand. Since I'm right-handed I will most likely select the price on the right side of the page.

    6. Most humans are right-handed, a minority are left-handed. Our brains misconstrues ease for desire. So if you can't center your pricing it may be best to place it on the right side of the page to cater to right-handed people.

    7. Place pricing plans close together customers will believe they are getting benefits from all of the plans because of something referred to as the "the group contagion effect."

    8. Make sure that your pricing in the foreground on the pricing page because it makes the pricing seem closer and easier to choose.

    9. Keep your pricing plans the same height because it makes it easier for customers to notice the intrinsic differences between plans.

    10. Enlarge and bold the name of your pricing plans. This places the customer's attention on what they are receiving not the cost they will be paying.

    11. Higher prices establish a reference point which make lower prices seem cheaper. Visually distinguish your most expensive plan by highlighting it. This makes other pricing plans seem cheaper.

    12. If you don't want to highlight the most expensive option on your pricing page you can achieve the same result by showing a random high number near by such as "join 4,000 happy customers" nearby on the pricing page..

    13. Place a line between your pricing plans and the button that the customer clicks to select a plan. This helps isolate the button and all of the customer's attention will be taken off the price and onto the buying your product.

    14. Numbers - Round numbers work better for emotional purchases $10, $50, $100 while precise numbers work better for rational purchases $28.43, $49.42, $98.65.

    15. Charm Price - Take your round number $50 and reduce it to $49 (Charm Price) We read from left to right and our brains will process $49 as closer to $40 rather than $50. Because 4 is the first number in the price it seems cheaper.

    16. If you're prices are competitive enlarge them and if your prices are not competitive then visually de-emphasize them.

    17. Reduce the opacity and color of the currency symbol because it helps reduce something known as the "pain of paying.


    18. Place the duration below the price not next to it because it makes it more difficult for customers to compare plans visually. It also helps isolate the digits so that the customer is only comparing digits in their working memory.


    19. Discounts, you can make the product or service seem cheaper by adding a larger crossed out price above but only do this if what you've written above is true.


    20. Infomercials depict the problem in black and white and the solution in vivid color. Because of something known as "contrast fluency" a customer feels something feel different and associates the difference/transformation with the product.

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