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20 Things That Have Not Changed in the Last 99 Years - And Never Will.

You may find much of the information startling.

    1. Happiness is total fulfillment.

    Real happiness is not here today and gone in a week or two.

    Would God be so senile as to offer a road to happiness that doesn't last?

    Would God give you anything that you could lose or destroy?

    Happiness is a decision but you don't know the way to happiness because you didn't create yourself.

    Everything you've given yourself up to this point has not generated any real happiness because it doesn't last.

    2. If most people were totally honest with themselves they'd admit their most enjoyable peace is when they're alone.

    The voice that's unrelenting, "______, you don't believe you deserve peace and happiness. You know what you've done."

    Many of the relationships that people now find themselves in they weren't aware they'd have to pay such a high price.

    No peace - just like two cackling hens.

    3. Please pick up the glass and move it three inches to the right and all your dreams will come true.

    If such a statement were true most of you wouldn't pick up the glass.

    Here are a few of the many questions/comments you'd ask/make before ever picking up the glass if you ever did.

    Where did the glass come from?

    Has anyone else tried this technique before?

    How old is the glass?

    What is the glass made up of?

    How heavy is the glass?

    What makes this process work?

    "Girl the last time I picked up a glass here's what happened"

    Yet you'll attempt to relieve your pent-up feelings with loud talk or attack although it never works.

    Love has offered a way to make all of your dreams come true but you'd rather go the opposite way. You won't even pick up the glass.

    4. Your relationship with God is the only one you can depend on.

    If you have a problem with the word God feel free to substitute it for whatever you feel is more powerful than yourself because whether you admit it to yourself or not that is your god.

    All your other relationships will be a reflection of the quality of relationship you have with Source.

    The quality of a relationship you have with your mom, dad, sister, brother, child, boss, and colleague is a direct reflection of the relationship you have with God - with yourself.

    Whichever Post-it Notes you hang on yourself you will subsequently project onto God and others.

    If you feel like your father abandoned you, you will also feel like God abandoned you and project that onto him - totally unknown to your conscious state of mind.

    All humans disappoint, haven't you noticed?

    The only thing you can count on with a human is that will consistently disappoint you with their thoughts, words, and deeds.

    5. You love collecting recipe books.

    One recipe book says to do this while another says to do that.

    The recipe books you collect have conflicting information.

    You've yet to put anything you learned in your recipe book into practice and if you happen to do so it's not long-lasting.

    It's one damn recipe book after another.

    Your recipe book's information seems to work in the year 20XX but not so much in the years going forward.

    Your resistance is stronger than your desire to learn.

    What would happen if you stuck to one recipe book for an entire year? If the book is that good why wouldn't you be willing to commit to the teachings for at least 365 days?

    6. God sends you nothing but Angels.

    Everyone you meet that you do not like is a different version of you in a distressing disguise.

    Every person you meet is an angel and has a gift for you but you won't see the gift as long as you hold any kind of grievance.

    What's the gift? The gift of innocence.

    When you learn to look upon everyone with innocence (what you believe happened, never did) you will see yourself as innocent.

    We live in a world of perception. Everything is happening in your mind.

    As long as you see others as guilty you're locked in a prison of your own choosing.

    Look beyond form.

    7. You focus on the set more than the screenplay.

    The camera angle is set up perfectly.

    The lighting scheme is perfect.

    Your props are top-notch.

    Little time is spent writing the script, developing the characters, and the plot.

    You invite people on the set and try and force them to do things they don't want to do.

    You invite people on the set and try to get them to do things that will make you happy.

    Your set is beautiful but your screenplay is weak.

    8. Remedies to your happiness is not of your making.

    You're not the one that is going to come up with the remedy for your happiness because you didn't make yourself.

    Do you believe that Source is trying to keep you from living "your best life"? Not at all, Source is trying to let you know that what you now believe living "your best life" means just ain't so.

    The remedy for what will make you happy permanently can only come from that which created you.

    9. You want to be right more than you want to be happy.

    Many of you will go to your grave with a need to be right.

    Have you noticed that "rightness" doesn't need any defending?

    If you're right that means someone else has to be wrong.

    Happiness is the road less traveled.

    The road to being right is filled will unhappy people.

    10. Vision Board - Your Personal Genie

    You create vision boards and use God as your own personal genie.

    You believe in a God that doesn't know what's best for you and the world at large.

    Most of the things on your vision board are not in your best interest regardless of how strong your desire may be.

    It would stand to reason that which created you would know what you need even before you had the idea for a vision board.

    Even if you were to manifest every single thing on your vision board it won't make you happy.

    11. You have to let the river take it's course.

    Everyone is in the river and the river knows exactly where it's going - you don't.

    At one stage of development did the "little selves" become so arrogant?

    You can't even be sure you haven't eaten the same ice cream twice yet you pretend to know something about how the world works and what's best for its inhabitants.

    12. If you have no peace, joy, or happiness it's your plan.

    If you're experiencing any kind of anxiety about anything in the world you are following a plan of your own making and choosing.

    13. You don't recognize the problem has already been solved.

    You do not avail yourself of the solutions that are already there.

    The answer to your relationship and money problems has already been solved.

    Accept the plan. Accept your part in the plan.

    It's urgent that you accept the plan if you want to experience a world that you enjoy living in.

    14. God reaches you where you think you are.

    You believe that you're a body. God will meet you there.

    You believe that you could create a world apart from God. God will meet you there.

    God will use anything you believe to be important in the world of form to help wake you up.

    Just because it's cloudy doesn't mean the sun isn't still shining.

    15. You don't have to learn through suffering but it appears to be the most popular method.

    When your life is rooted in sin, fear, and guilt you will suffer.

    If you believe that your plan is superior to God's plan you will suffer.

    When things appear to be going well for you the last thing you think about is God.

    When you have a happy wife, happy kids, multiple homes/cars, a job you love, a thriving business, or money in the bank who needs God?

    When you hit rock bottom and curled up in a fetal position on your hardwood floor that's when you pray to God for help.

    16. Unconscious people are easy to recognize.

    This is a statement of fact not one of ridicule.

    Unconscious people utter phrases like "I have my stuff together, it's the people in the world who need to change."

    or "If this situation were different I'd be happy"

    or "If something or someone in the world would change I can finally be happy"

    Unconscious people project and blame other people. Their focus is always outwardly.

    They never take 100% responsibility for the world they're creating.

    17. You don't ask the important questions.

    Who am I?

    What am I?

    Where did I come from?

    Why am I here?

    If I'm able to manifest all that I desire in the world will it make me happy? For how long?

    Do I stand a chance of living a happy life if I don't heal my unconscious guilt?

    18. All challenges in your life are an attempt to seduce you to turn inward and improve your relationship with that which created you.

    All challenges are an invitation for you to have a shift in your perception.

    A challenge is an invitation for you to say, "there must be a better way."

    What could possibly be more important than deepening your relationship with God?

    19. Adult psychosis.

    Adults believe they're autonomous.

    Adults believe they're alone.

    Adults believe that they can and must do it all by themselves.

    Adults believe they are self-sufficient.

    20. Too much dip on your chip.

    You rely entirely on the ego's thought system.

    The ego's thought system:

    Fear, separation, guilt, sin, sickness, and death.

    You believe that God can create unlike himself.

    You believe that you're nothing more than a frail and limited body.

    You believe that you can be harmed in some way.

    You believe that God/Love has abandoned you.

    You believe that God is somehow connected with all the chaos you're a witness to in the world.

    You believe in a world of separation - time and space - beginning and end.

    You put more confidence in POTUS than you do in God.

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