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21 Questions (Love's Remix). (2 min 29 sec)


    1. Who are you, really? Beyond this form you see?

    Not spouse or single, but a spark eternally.

    2. Is separation real, or just a fleeting dream?

    ACIM teaches oneness, a connected, loving scheme.

    3. Does ego hold the reins, or does the Self take hold?

    Letting go of judgment, stories yet untold.

    4. Do past projections linger, causing needless strife?

    Forgive the illusion, awaken to true life.

    5. Is happiness external, or found within the heart?

    Seeking peace in others tears our spirits apart.

    6. Is worth defined by riches, or the love you share?

    True value lies in spirit, beyond possessions rare.

    7. Does fear control your actions, or does trust reside?

    Faith in the Universe, where abundance can't hide.

    8. Do you seek validation, a borrowed sense of pride?

    Your worth is inherent, nothing can set it aside.

    9. Is anger held within, poisoning your soul?

    Forgiveness sets you free, makes you finally whole.

    10. Are you a victim of the past, or learning to transcend?

    Lessons learned, not dwelling, a journey without end.

    11. Do you judge harshly, or see the Christ within?

    Everyone a reflection, a chance to begin.

    12. Is success measured by the world, or inner peace you find?

    Ego's fleeting victories leave emptiness behind.

    13. Do you hold onto grievances, like a heavy chain?

    Letting go releases you, washes away the pain.

    14. Are you chasing desires, or seeking what's within?

    True happiness arises when the Holy Spirit wins.

    15. Do you see children as burdens, or miracles to hold?

    Love without conditions, a story yet untold.

    16. Do you act impulsively, or listen to the call?

    Spirit's gentle guidance prevents a painful fall.

    17. Do you fear intimacy, or trust in love's embrace?

    Openness and vulnerability, a sacred, loving space.

    18. Are you caught in duality, or seeking unity's embrace?

    Beyond good and evil, a higher, peaceful place.

    19. Do you ask about my past, to judge or to connect?

    True connection happens when hearts and souls intersect.

    20. Are you searching for answers, or have you found the key?

    Love's gentle message sets your spirit free.

    21. Twenty-one questions deep, a journey to explore.

    The answer lies within you, forevermore.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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