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    1. There is no arbitrary age in your 20s in which you “figure it all out”

    The reality is your 20s will be a decade of you learning the hard way, the painful way, & having equal amounts fun & uncertainty

    When in doubt, do what grows you the most

    2. You are nothing without Discipline

    The one variable you can control & that anyone can be Elite is discipline

    You will see lots of talented people drop off over time. Potential becomes meaningless the older you get

    On a long enough timeline, hard work is what gets you ahead

    3. No one is going to save you, and everything is your fault.

    Men dont get a pass for being irresponsible, Total responsibility will be either the best or worst thing to ever happen to you depending on your attitude

    Either be empowered by this or be ruined by it.

    4. Your social circle directly affects how high you ascend

    Birds of feather flock together. Losers know losers. Competitors know competitors. Excellence seeks excellence. Energy is infectious.

    You get the point.

    If certain people are holding you back, they need to GO.

    5. Your parents were probably wrong about things.

    So too were mentors, teachers, people you looked up to in childhood

    Maturity is recognizing that people are not perfect, and that no one has all the answers to everything

    Uncertainty is a feature of Life, not a bug

    6. Get the fuck over having to be right about everything.

    You’ve barely lived, you don’t know anything. Losers love to be right, because then they don’t have to learn anything

    Be open minded, be respectful in how you communicate, let go of the small ego and LEARN

    7. Build skills

    Life is a talent stack. The more skills you compile, the more of an edge you have, the more exceptional you become

    You have to keep learning. Simple in theory, but people fight it. You see people get left behind because they didnt want to learn anything new

    8. Without Health, You have Nothing

    High performance requires health. Making the gym & generally healthy eating a habit. This doesnt need to be perfect

    Lift 3-4 times a week
    Do some zone2 cardio
    Eat right MOST of the time

    Repeat this across years & youll see the difference

    9. At Least Once, Work yourself to burn out

    Whats burnout? Burnout is working as much as you physically can, beyond what you think you are capable of

    Learn where that edge is, and then push past it

    You cannot live this way forever, but sometimes success demands it

    10. If you want to Seriously level up in any Skill, go Monk Mode for 6-12 months

    -no going out
    -no partying
    -no boozing
    -no distractions with girls

    Devote yourself to that ONE thing and put all else on maintenance. You will improve at a geometric rate and come out a New Man

    11. Who you start with will not be who you end with

    The number of people who will pass in and out of your life is more than you’ll ever imagine. What seems important now will be forgettable in 5 years.

    Learn to let go, and move on with peace of mind intact.

    12. You will be fucked over by somebody eventually

    Why does this happen? Because not everyone is good, and life is not fair. Sometimes the bad guy wins

    Not everyone is honest, & you cannot afford to be naive trusting everyone you meet. Discernment requires painful experiences

    13. Paying for your own existence is a remedial requirement

    If you do NOTHING else, maintain a job and pay your bills. This isnt success, its the minimum standard for having your shit together.

    No one respects a man that is a burden on others. Dont be that guy

    14. Money is your scorecard

    Life costs money. If this upsets you, you are loser.

    Making money and being financially secure solves all the problems that a lack of money creates. Learn skills that pay bills, get the highest salary you can, start a business, raise your income

    15. The biggest asset in life is supportive parents

    The biggest liability is toxic parents

    if you have great parents, appreciate them.

    If you had bad parents, sorry but you are responsible for your own healing. The people that failed you arent going to fix you. Own that pain

    16. Do not work for a bad boss for too long

    It might make for some funny moments and gallows humor, but eventually the negative work environment will becomes a mental drain and saps motivation and ambition

    Move on to another job as soon as possible, dont become a hostage

    17. Life is about who you KNOW

    Weak ties you make can change your life in surprising ways

    Not everyone needs to be a diehard friend that you are super close with. Building a relationship work of people you know and can be useful to will increase your opportunity exponentially

    18. Maintaining meaningful relationships is harder than you think

    Good friends are hard to find, too many guys let their friendships lapse and find themselves alone

    Dont do this, talk to your bros, have adventures, prioritize & support people, dont let yourself become isolated

    19. Women are distracting if you allow them to be distracting

    If you lack boundaries, have no game, & are desperate for female approval, its your fault when you lose discipline & a senorita derails your life. You ALLOWED that to happen

    If this is you, take the steps to FIX IT

    20. The bigger the business, the more replaceable you are

    Dont ever fall for the we are a fAmiLy BS when you're working for a big company

    You are an employee and you are expendable. If better opportunities present themselves, QUIT and move on to greener pastures

    21. If two choices present themselves to you, and they seem equal, FLIP A COIN

    Sometimes life is a forked path. You could over analyze endlessly, or commit to action and choose one. This will happen throughout your life.

    Action is antidote to uncertainty

    22. Action > Everything that is not action

    Successful Men get more done. They make decisions faster. They think faster. They Act faster.

    Action Accumulates and creates your reality. Thinking does not.

    This is one of the greatest lessons of @ReachMorpheuss

    23. All Communication is an energy exchange as much it is an information exchange

    Energy is always infectious. Negativity is a sink that draws everything into it. Positivity elevates

    Intuition and BS detection come from recognizing when words do not match vibration

    24. Fatigue is a Skill

    Men who avoid fatigue at all costs are WEAK of body and mind

    The men who can manage and master being tired, who can learn to breathe, think clearly, move with efficiency, act under duress,

    You will be an exceptional competitor over other people.

    25. Women are magic mirrors to a Mans masculinity

    Women reveals your strengths, and your weaknesses

    A Man afraid of women is afraid of his own Shadow and being found out

    A Man angry at women is angry with his own deficiencies

    A Man who enjoys women, he is on the right path

    26. The best career is something that:

    -you take seriously
    -pays money
    -is useful in the mid to long term
    -you enjoy working hard at it

    A LOT of things can be this. Dont get caught up looking for a magical passion switch. Acquire skills and follow your curiosities

    27. The EASIEST way to stand out is being physically fit and handsome maxing

    Build Muscle
    Get lean
    Have a good haircut
    Take care of your skin

    The average man today is a skinny fat gremlin who dresses like shit. Being handsome is an advantage in every job, ever environment

    28. Have Standards

    Standards require beliefs, values, moral rectitude.

    You will hit 30, and you will see who lived their life with a code, and who slacked off and fell behind.

    Men with standards succeed. Men without them, DONT.

    Which one will you be?

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