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2nd Best Cover Songs

There's the original, then a cover version that's almost as famous (or more), then there are these ones.

    1. All Along the Watchtower by U2

    Original: Bob Dylan

    Best Known Cover: Jimi Hendrix Experience

    I think U2's faster tempo lends an urgency to the song that improves the atmosphere. I kind of like Bono's improvisation ("All I need is red guitar...")

    2. Respect by Diana Ross and the Supremes Join the Temptations

    Original: Otis Redding

    Best Known Cover: Aretha Franklin

    Talk about a Supergroup!

    3. When The Levee Breaks by Playing for Change (featuring John Paul Jones)

    Original: Memphis Minnie

    Best Known Cover: Led Zeppelin

    Every Playing For Change (a collaboration of artists all over the world contributing their talents - often with flavours of their local culture) is epic. The Led Zeppelin version is not the original, though it is better known and informs this version.

    4. Hound Dog by Karis Eden

    Original: Big Mama Thornton

    Best Known Cover: Elvis Presley

    A little bluesier...

    5. 20th Century Boy by Chalk Circle

    Original: T.Rex

    Best Known Cover: Placebo

    The Placebo version came up first in my search, and I saw them do this live on TV with David Bowie, so I'll count that as better known. I think the Chalk Circle version has more 'oomph'.

    6. I Fought The Law by Green Day

    Original: Bobby Fuller Four

    Best Known Cover: The Clash

    Bigger guitars.

    7. Nothing Compares 2 U by Toni & Chris Cornell

    Original: Prince/The Family

    Best Known Cover: Sinead O'Connor

    Chris Cornell released a version of this song after Prince's passing, but knowing now that Chris himself would pass on himself a year later, I've chosen this heartbreaking version with his daughter Toni in a duet instead.

    8. 99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger

    Original: 99 LuftBallons by Nena

    Best Known Cover: 99 Red Balloons by Nena (English Version)

    By changing the language of the lyrics, Nena covered themselves (in my books). So Goldfinger gets 2nd place.

    9. Wild Horses by Chantal Kreviazuk

    Original: The Rolling Stones

    Best Known Cover: The Sundays

    The Sundays version and any other female artist with an airy voice will draw comparisons. I picked Chantal since she's one of my favourite singer/songwriters.

    10. Sweet Child O'Mine by Rachelle Spring

    Original: Guns N Roses

    Best Known Cover: Sheryl Crow

    A Bossa-Nova version???? Sacrilege some might say, but you have to admire the audacity.

    11. Angel From Montgomery by Leslie Spit Treeo

    Original: John Prine

    Best Known Cover: Bonnie Raitt

    There's a million versions of this song that vary between country, blues or even jazz. This one from a Toronto band is rock n' roll.

    12. Dancing in the Streets by Van Halen

    Original: Martha Reeves and the Vandelas

    Best Known Cover: Mick Jagger and David Bowie

    I don't know what kind of witchcraft Eddie Van Halen was up to...

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