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4 Ideas on Ideation


    1. Being Selfishly-Selfless

    My working theory on idea sharing is selfishly-selfless. There are more ideas than possible time for execution by one individual. I lean towards saying that if I can selflessly provide as many ideas as possible, I can selfishly reap the benefits of someone potentially manifesting these ideas in the universe and making my life easier down the road. Working theory; will evolve and be fine-tuned.

    2. Asymmetry of Idea Influxes

    Some periods of the day/week can produce asymmetric quantities of ideas. It could be a midnight writing session after watching a thriller or a post-conversation session after talking to an interesting individual.

    Take advantage of those times and pump out ideas. By the same token, have grace on yourself on the days when an influx does not hit.

    3. Creating Feedback Mechanisms for Ideas

    I have been trying to shorten the cycle of idea → feedback → refinement. Imagine thinking of a cool idea and then seeking pushback on the idea in an effort to find the holes in the logic and work to refine the idea. I think NotePD is built to facilitate this, so I am excited to keep using it.

    4. Novel Experiences make Novel Ideas

    Talk to new people, read new books, listen to new podcasts. Diversify the way you take information in, and the ideas you have are likely to mirror the novelty of your actions.

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