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4 Phrases That I Use Often To Help Wake Me Up

    1. Bring your own biscuit.

    No complaints. It's better to bring your own biscuit rather than sit around and complain because someone forgot to give you one.

    I noticed that sometimes I complain about the most trivial stuff.

    I try to remember to always pack my biscuit.

    My intention is to create my own complaint-free world.

    2. Oh Man, that ain't nothing.

    Nothing in the world means nothing. You got to have nothing if you want to be with me.

    I can't think of anything in the world that means something.

    Even if I could come up with something to me there would be someone to come along and say, that ain't nothing.

    How could anything that isn't going to last be something?

    Something, to me at least, is something that lasts forever.


    3. If it's in the house, it has to come out.

    What's in must come out - eventually.

    What needs to be healed will always rear its head but sometimes I just shove it back down.

    I've noticed that the lessons that I need to learn are relentless in making themselves known until I give them my undivided attention.

    4. I don't know.

    I don't know are three words that I use often.

    Coming from a "don't know mind" is quite liberating.

    I'll readily admit that I don't know jack.

    I'm okay with not knowing.

    Even the things I believe I know I cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Not knowing makes me available to infinite possibilities.

    One thing that I think that I know is the difference between what hurts and what doesn't. At times, I'm not even sure about that.

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