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Here are 47 thoughts from 47 years on Planet Earth

I began another orbit around the sun last week.

Lets get to the list...
(24 have numbers, the rest are in the descriptions)

    1. The Journey IS the destination. It's not "over-there". It's here. And Now.

    Everything matters.  
    Every choice I make affects me and others.

    2. Surrender everything to God. It’s not my story, it’s His.

    Choose different behaviors.
    Measured conscious decisions lead to different actions.

    3. I always have a choice. Will I pause long enough to make the right choice in the moment?

    Do the right thing today. Don’t worry about tomorrow.

    4. Everyone is the sum of their life experiences. If you had their experience, you might act just like they do.

    Pay attention to what goes in your head, avoid feeding bad habits.

    5. What you focus on grows. It also changes the way you behave.

    Surround yourself with successful people.

    6. Avoid exploiting others for your own personal gain or pleasure.

    Be a person of good Character.

    7. Having kids is harder and more rewarding than you can imagine

    Commit to your decisions.

    8. Have a handful of people who would willingly 'carry your casket' at your funeral.

    Relationships make the world go round.

    9. Build a board of directors for your life.

    Most people aren't out to get you. They're just trying to make the best decision (for themselves) in the moment.

    10. Praise people often. You can always find something good to say.

    If you have to critique someone, do it in person, not via email.

    11. Make a habit of listening to God. Reading the Bible and two-way Prayer journaling is a good way to do this.

    Fear of the Lord will help you to NOT Fear other things in your life.

    12. Porn and other addictions are a symptom of emptiness and brokenness in your life.

    Writing things down helps you think clearly. It also helps you remember moments from your life.

    13. People love good stories. Probably why the Bible is so popular. And Batman. 😬

    Surrendering to God is a must.
    Usually you have to do this daily.
    Or hourly.
    Or every couple minutes - depending on the situation.

    14. Confessing your sin to a safe person will change your life for the better.

    Making restitution and amends for wrongs you committed isn't easy, but necessary.

    15. You can quit reading a book if you don't like it.

    God was talking to me and wooing me WAY before I realized it.
    I wasn't paying attention.

    16. Obey. If you think it's God - GO!

    Course correct as you go.
    (You won't do anything if you don't start).

    17. Record your life. Even if its just one sentence a day - Write down a moment you remember.

    Make sure everything you know is written down somewhere.

    18. Seek to know God's word AND His ways.

    Take time to Play.
    Don't be so serious!

    19. Make Someone's Day. Give a compliment. Smile.

    Be Present with people. Tell them they are valuable to you.

    20. Choose your attitude. Every Day, Every moment.

    Go to funerals. It gives you new perspective.

    21. Make memories with your kids and spouse. They last longer than "gifts".

    When YOU were growing up, so were YOUR PARENTS. Give them grace.

    22. You can learn something from every person you meet. It might be good. It might be bad.

    God's working all things out for good.

    (Even though it may not look like it in the moment).

    (Rom. 8:28)

    23. I can't model perfection, but I can model repentance.

    Forgiveness must be a way of life.
    People will hurt you, but you hurt yourself when you don't forgive.

    24. It's not about me. Selflessness > selfishness

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