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5 Free crypto research tools

    1. DefiLlama

    A TVL aggregator which tracks popular blockchains and their dApps.

    1. Understand which applications have the most traction per blockchain
    2. Explore user demand and usage across chains

    2. Cryptofees.info

    Get an overview of which crypto projects create the highest amount of transaction fees.

    1. Understand how much traction a project has and if people are willing to pay for it
    2. Explore if a coin is under-/ over-valued, according to their activity

    Attention: The transaction fees vary from each blockchain, so just looking at the total amount will give you a skewed picture.

    3. EtherDrops bot

    This bots let you set alerts and notifications on your Telegram for coins, wallets, LPs, and NFTs.

    It supports Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche and BSC.

    1. Set alarms for specific price actions or whale wallets you follow
    2. Receive information without delay

    4. Governance tracker (Tally, Messari, DeepDAO)

    Allows you to keep up-to-date with any governance proposals across many different EVM chains.

    1. Understand which proposals are driven my main investors (e.g., Crypto VCs)
    2. Explore potential price action before a proposal has been passed.

    5. Yield Comparison (Coindix, Stable Fish)

    Compare how to earn the best yield for your crypto assets.

    1. Understand which risks are associated with higher yield rewards, by exploring the TVL for each project
    2. Explore on which blockchain you can earn the most for your coin.

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