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James Altucher


5 Freedoms I try to achieve each day.

    1. Freedom from outcomes:

    Don’t be a prisoner of unreasonable goals or society’s expectations.

    Process > Goals. Don’t write to publish a novel. Write to become a better writer.

    Don’t try to get rich. Get good at providing value.

    Don’t try to be the #1 opera singer. Practice singing every day. Process is today. Outcomes are fantasies that are unpredictable and you have no control over.

    2. Freedom from validation:

    Don’t be a prisoner of other people’s opinions.

    The need for approval is just a dopamine hit. Dopamine spikes when you get an Instagram like. Dopamine is the same neurochemical that spikes when you take cocaine. Need for validation is no better than a coke habit and I’ve seen it ruin careers and friendships. It’s a bad addiction.

    3. Freedom from toxic people:

    Find your true Scene of people who love you and who you love.

    Don’t be a prisoner of those closest to you. They are often the ones who will bring you down.

    This also means you can’t become toxic. Always be honest. Reach out to people instead of just “liking” their photo.

    Be honest even if it means hurting someone. Because it will only get worse later.

    4. Freedom from health concerns:

    Eat, Move, Sleep well. DON’T be a prisoner of your body.

    5. Freedom from money concerns:

    Spend less than you make. I’ve had 15 million dollars and spent more than I had and was suicidal. I’ve also had a salary of $27,600 and spent less than I made and I was free.

    6. How to get these freedoms?

    Small habits accumulate

    7. Write ten ideas a day

    8. Read every day

    9. Sleep eight hours a day

    10. CONNECT: Connect with friends, family, community. Positive connection is a life force that feeds us. We NEED it.

    11. 1% improvement. Whatever you are interested in, try to improve 1% a day. Compounded that’s 3800% a year. Start at 24 and nothing can stand in your way ever.

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