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5 ideas for LangChain and BabyAGI/AutoAGI


ChatGPT is limited to the current session. It does not have persistent memory, and the ability to fine-tune and connect to your own data would be costly. It also does not know beyond its current limitation of trained data, and finally, it cannot do anything for you; in other words, it cannot act as an autonomous agent.

LangChain and BabyAGI/AutoAGI are frameworks designed to extend the capabilities of OpenAI GPT technology.

LangChain: LangChain is a software development framework designed to simplify the creation of applications using large language models. It offers tools, components, and interfaces to manage interactions with language models, chain together multiple components, and integrate resources such as APIs, databases, and various document types.

Tune on documents, autonomous agents (carry out tasks on the internet), store data in vectors for easy retrieval, and Access OpenAI and other APIs.

BabyAGI/AutoAGI: AI-powered task management system. It helps users generate creative ideas, organize them into tasks, and prioritize those tasks to guide them toward achieving their goals.

Autonomous unit with no predefined agents

    1. Use my personal files/writing to build a chatbot that is me

    • Write like Sheeraz: Able to write the way I write. All my writing will be tuned based on my writing style, choice of words.
    • Psychological profile: address strengths and weaknesses in character
    • Identify my writing style. Areas of improvement and strengths.
    • Analyze my code base and provide general best practices or areas of improvement
    • Create a story with me as the protagonist.
    • Analyze my dreams that store in my dream log and find common themes or insights

    2. News Aggregator

    James Altucher said it best in his audiobook version, Choose Yourself:

    You know what this whole news show is. We are just trying to fill the space between advertisements"

    I see most mainstream and alternative media (social media) with the same agenda: stoke fear, scare people, and increase engagement by sowing outrage in public or PR spin for corporate interests.

    • Search news that has function and application. How can new legislation and problem help me generate a business idea? Or something helps me solve a problem I face.
    • Remove redundancies lot of redundant information. Give me the unique, exciting stuff.
    • Strip out any negative news.
    • Strip out any outrage articles: politics, us vs them articles
    • Remove anything I find objectionable, or I don't care about hearing
    • Summarize the facts to see if it was worth my time to look at them.
    • Strip out ads

    3. Project Managment

    One thing that clients don't like is ambiguity. They want concrete answers: framing the problem, assessment, how much this will cost me and how long it will take.

    If you are an expert in the field, you can draw on your experience to understand how long a project takes to complete. You look at factors like complexity, time allotted, and effort in hours.

    However, how to estimate net new projects that you have not done in the past? Maybe it requires more research. Maybe you don't know how hard it will be until you start coding it. You might have blindspots on dependencies.

    • I would also like to know how complex things are and how much time I will likely spend on them.
    • What will it likely cost?
    • Add buffer time

    Therefore LangChain can help:

    • Assess effort in time, costs, resources
    • Draw out a project plan
    • Use corpora of similar projects and tie that data into its assessment

    Undoubtedly smart clients will probably run this calculation through ChatGPT, too, so they are not getting ripped off.

    4. Learning Priortization

    • Take my learning inventory and find the most functional, profitable, and valuable items for me. I have a way to many books, courses, and audiobooks. I need to figure out what I need to focus on.
    • Apply the Pareto rule to something I want to learn quickly, give 20% of what I need to learn to gain 80% efficiency.
    • Based on its recommendation, give a schedule of learning broken up by breaks.

    5. Find a way to create and index and retieval process Open Data data sources for my AI SaaS idea

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