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5 little things that you didn't know about Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was a master of marketing and self-promotion. Here are five little-known facts about the Apple co-founder and former CEO.

    1. Jobs didn't finish college.

    He dropped out of Reed College after one semester but continued to drop in on classes that interested him, including a calligraphy course that would later inspire the fonts used on Apple products.

    2. Jobs was a vegetarian

    He followed a strict vegan diet for many years but later relaxed his rules to allow himself to eat fish.

    3. Jobs was adopted

    His biological parents were unmarried college students who gave him up for adoption. He was raised by Paul and Clara Jobs, who also adopted his sister, Patti.

    4. Jobs was a pescatarian

    In addition to not eating meat, Jobs also avoided dairy and eggs. He attributed his healthy diet to his long life and lack of health problems.

    5. Jobs was worth $10 billion when he died

    At the time of his death, Jobs was the CEO of Apple and Pixar, and his net worth was estimated to be $10 billion.

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