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5 Novel Creations I Discovered This Week

A light list for a busy Saturday.

    1. Catastrophe Season 1.


    I'm not much of a rom-com person, but this one, which streams on Amazon Prime, is unique. The show is written by two prominent comedians, Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, who also serve in the lead roles. They have awesome chemistry, and the premise is more unique than your standard meet-up/break-up/get-back-together narrative that's been recycled thousands of times.

    2. The David Choe Podcast.


    Choe is an artist based in L.A. He's had somewhat of a checkered past, but now, in his 40s, he's working to rehabilitate himself. Lately he's been publishing short (under 10 minutes) podcasts largely while riding his skateboard. His focus is on gratitude and meditation.

    3. The Anxiety First-Aid Kit.


    This is a great little read I picked up from my local library. Each chapter consists of bite-sized recommendations for quickly dispelling anxious thoughts and feelings. No long diatribes or monotonous scientific jargon, just simple exercises anyone can do anytime.

    4. Cécile Marion's writings on sabbaticals.


    I heard Cécile on Paul Millerd's podcast where she offered to schedule calls with anyone interested in sabbaticals. Well, I've been on one of sorts for a while now, so I scheduled time with her and it was an enlightening discussion. She also writes extensively about the value of taking sabbaticals.

    5. Sonny Rollins, Way Out West.


    How have I never heard about this album before? This music is unique, even for Rollins. He performs over only bass and drums, no piano, and the tunes have a western theme, which is unique for this decidedly New York-centric saxophonist.

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