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5 Podcast Ideas

If any of these podcasts already exist, feel free to correct me.

    1. Shooting Range Podcast

    Guests are interviewed on a shooting range with questions being asked between rounds of target practice. Bonus if the guests never shot a gun before.

    2. Prank Call Podcast

    A podcast where the host prank calls politicians, CEOs, random celebrities, and other public figures. The host interviews the victims who have a sense of humor about being prank called. Truth be had, it probably wouldn't be a long lived podcast after the wrong callee sues or threatens to sue the show.

    3. Demotivational Podcast

    A podcast dedicated to debunking popular self-help advice and psychological studies. The host would instead suggest unusual techniques and strategies for productivity and happiness.

    To stop this from becoming a generic self-help/motivational podcast, each show will have a segment dedicated to debunking an alternative technique or strategy from a previous episode.

    4. Podcast Review Podcast

    A podcast that reviews and features other podcasts. Brutal honesty is a must. If the host thinks a podcast stinks, he or she must eviscerate it. If the host thinks the podcast is great, then he or she must praise it.

    5. The "Cancelled" Podcast

    This podcast only interviews guests who were banned from mainstream platforms. Chances are if they were banned from multiple platforms, they must have an interesting story to tell.

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