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5 Reasons I am Happy Premium Lists Start at $2!

I gave my feedback for Premium Posts and they took my suggestion! Yay. Be on the look out for my $2 post:)


    1. I have great ideas but I am not sure if I am a good editor of my work

    Call it imposter syndrome or call it I don't know how to edit my own work yet. I love my ideas. I like way I communicate them for the most part but I feel like I can edit a lot out of my own work.

    2. I don't buy Magazines for $5

    I would buy magazines back in the day for $1.99/$2.99 ALL THE TIME. I had a therapy session where my therapist said maybe you need to stop hoarding magazines. I kept the ReadyMade magazines, Wired, Blueprint and the design ones. There were such cool ideas in there I wanted to go back too. I also cut some of them up because the Ads were soo awesome. I made really cool artistic collages with them. I even turned one of the ads into a tattoo that's on my wrist. EMBRACE CHAOS. It's from a RayBan Sunglasses Ad in the mid 2000's I see no reference to it anywhere. I feel like they don't want to remember it.

    3. I am not trying to get rich on Notepd.com, I am trying to build confidence

    Shout out to @lovingkindnesscomedy for being the first person EVER to buy something that I wrote. That alone is enough to keep me trying. If I can have 100 people buy something at $2 it will feel a lot better than having 20 people seeing something at $5.

    4. I went through a period in my life where I only bought Kindle books under $3.00

    It's why I read "Choose Yourself". I actually only got to the part past the list he made. I was too excited to hear what new stuff he was saying. I have a ton of amazing kindle books that were all $2.99. I am now buying books that are like $14.99. It took a steady income and a 2nd job but I am there. :)

    5. My new goal is to buy 1 premium article each day during the week

    I want premium to work. I want to buy articles. Now I can buy 5 articles a week as long as they are $2. I am so excited!

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