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5 Reasons To Take Regular Breaks

Ok, so, I've been working on my computer non-stop since the crack of dawn (it's kinda fun to type 'crack of dawn') and every time I get up to leave my computer to take a break ... I get sucked right back in. This time ... to write; "5 Reasons To Take Regular Breaks" - I know, it's ironic. So just as soon as I type this, I'm heading out for a walk ....

P.S. The reason I'm typing this now is because I haven't posted on here for a few days and I was feeling guilty about it - and yet that is not a good motivator to do anything. Although ... it did get me back on 😀 - I don't know what I'm talking about ... I need a break ...

    1. Sparks Creativity

    Daydreaming, breaks, and thinking away from the work at hand enables the mind (or at least my mind) to thinking differently and in most cases, more creatively.

    2. Keeps You Moving & Energized

    It's kind of the same thing as 'Idea #4" and yet moving rather than taking break to make a call or do something less invigorating doesn't seem to feel like a break for me - by moving around or stretching or something that pauses something that's more cerebral, is what I'm going for.

    3. Helps To Prioritize Your Day

    When I schedule breaks and/or take breaks it allows me to move from one priority to another that I've set for myself - my break acts as a transition in the work.

    4. Good For Your Body

    I need to take active breaks. My body needs to move. Especially when I'm on my computer all day. There's something to be said for our mind/body connection - in fact it's not a connection - they are intertwined.

    5. Gives You A Different Perspective

    Looking around gives me a different perspective on things. I tend to get laser focused on what I'm doing which sometimes doesn't enable me to see things more broadly. When I take a break - that's when I get a better sense of things.

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