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5 Side Hustles If You Own A 4x4 Vehicle

Inspired by a list from @eyegor. The scope of my list is pretty narrow.

    1. Single resource EMT or Paramedic on a large wildland fire

    There are various types of medical resources assigned to wildland fires. There are ambulances that will typically have one EMT and one paramedic but there are also individuals there, EMT/medic, in their own vehicles. Hopefully there's not too much work with patients on fires but there's some, often feet issues. The person doing this as a single resource needs to be able to drive to some challenging spots and then possibly get out and hike to the patient.

    2. Contracting your pickup truck to haul supplies on large wildland fires

    A former chief of our department did this for a short time. On very large fires there is a main camp but there will often also be smaller remote camps called spike camps. The work here involves hauling food and possibly equipment from the main camp to the various spike camps.

    3. Back Country Rescue

    This is not a paid gig where I live but it is a neat volunteer gig. I've worked with these guys a couple of times and is something that I have some level of interest in doing.

    4. Jeep Posse

    I don't know if something like this exists elsewhere. Different than back country rescue, the Jeep Posse assists with evacuations during large fires and is also a volunteer gig.

    5. Amazon deliveries in rural areas?

    Amazon changes how they make delivers here all the time. For a while it was their fleet of vans but they couldn't drive on our roads very well and made a lot of mistakes. They used the post office which seemed to work fine but lately we've gotten deliveries from people driving their own vehicles. The economics of someone making a special trip out to where we live to deliver my Quest Bars are lost on me but maybe if one person is making all the deliveries to our community each day, it makes sense.

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