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5 things I Loved And 5 Things I Hated About Trigun Stampede

I'm a huge Trigun fan. The original anime is one of my favourites. I dragged friends to see the European premier of the movie - Badlads Rumble and I've read all of the manga.

5 things I Loved And 5 Things I Hated About Trigun Stampede

    1. Johnny Yong Bosch

    They managed to get the original voice actor for cash back. I can't imagine anyone else playing him.

    2. Animation

    I was cautious at first after seeing the new designs, but wow its animated really well. The 3D allows for big detailed cities. The characters have so much emotion as well this made me really happy.

    3. Map

    There's a world map that shows their progress towards July. It's a small feature, but it helps make the world more real.

    4. Knives

    Vashes brother is given more of a backstory. His reasonings for his actions make much more sense here that they did in the previous anime.

    5. Manga

    This series was much more true to the manga. The last scenes leading up to the maximum story made me really happy. I can't wait to see what they do with it.

    6. No Humour

    well not as much. Part of what made me love the original was how silly it could be. I hope series 2 allows for a few more jokes.

    7. No Milly

    The substituted her with a new guy. He grew on me, but I liked her. Hopefully she'll return in the future.

    8. No Next Episode Intro

    In the original anime, at the end of episodes, Vash would offer some wise words whilst discussing the next episode. Some of these quotes helped hold my philosophy on life. This is what made Vash such a great character, he's silly, but also very wise. I hope we get more of the philosophical side next series.

    9. No Filler

    On one hand I hate filler on the other most of the original was, and I loved it. It allowed us to really know the characters before the real story started. The new series is fast. I think everyone was well developed, but given more time we could see a sillier or more philosophical side to Vash.

    10. Plants

    Very minor, but I liked the lightbulb type designs for plants rather than the can shaped containers they're in now.

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