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5 things out of your control - only Reactive people focus on

We all face different challenges and problems. Those things we can control are within our Circle of Influence and those we don't are within our Circle of Concern.

This is the difference between Proactive and Reactive people. Steve Covey mentions this difference as the first Habit of Highly Effective people - they're Proactive.

When you focus on your circle of influence - it expands and you feel more control of your life.

Reactive people focus more on things within their circle of concern which they unfortunately have no control over and their circle of influence shrinks.

Which results to more Complaining, Victim mindset and less taking action that brings results or change.

Here are 5 things you should focus less on to expand your circle of influence and become less reactive:

    1. The Past

    "I should have"

    "I could have"

    Hey, this is your life now. Don't live in the past where it affects your future and your present day.

    When we were kids ...we always asked ourselves...what would have happened if we were born into rich homes? No matter how clever this question is - it cannot help you to be any better or create a better future.

    You will be on a journey most of your life, you might as well enjoy the ride!

    2. The Opinion of others

    If you think people are going to stop talking maybe when you're "successful" or something're in for a long thing.

    It doesn't matter whether you fail or succeed - people would always have something to say.

    You might as well choose to ignore most and learn from those that address key areas you need to improve.

    First take your ego out of the way. Your biggest enemies are often your best teachers.

    Improve on the most important details you hear people talk about and also take note of thier intentions. Then your best action is to ignore the rest.

    When you find it's aimed towards negativity - don't engage. Don't argue. Stay focused.

    3. The future

    Anxiety= future tripping.

    The problem is spending so much time worrying about the future. I've seen people that can hardly spend 10 - 15 minutes in the present without worrying about tomorrow. In short, you can make effort to clear their present worry, be it financial concerns and it won't take long (may be 5mins or 24hrs) a new worry comes next.

    I see it as the Recipe for complaining and blocking your blessings.

    The future does not exist, all the potential futures are created in the action of now.

    But then this can be tricky. Few things you can do to make sure tomorrow is well planned:

    - Start a business, invest your money so it clears the path for your financial freedom.

    - Hang around with people that think long term

    - Eat healthy to optimize your health

    - Start with the end in mind in whatever you do - clarifies your purpose

    Success is not something that happens overnight, it is the sum of your daily habits compounded over time.⁣

    Proactive > Reactive

    4. What happens around you

    -The News

    -Death of loved ones

    - Natural and Human disasters

    We can do as much to prevent/control them - but they're not what is fully within your control.

    5. Outcome of your efforts

    In terms of results - the process and actions you take are more important metric to focus on than the outcome.

    Successful peoople are impatient with actions and patient with results - Naval Ravikant.

    Take action, unlock your potential and be in control of the outcome of your future success.

    Yet you need to get out of your own way. Detach from the outcomes.

    There's benefit to letting go and learning the lessons real time.

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