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5 undoing ideas

I can choose to clap down harder on the "cactus of life" or I can allow it to be loosened.
I no longer choose to hang on to a worldview that is so hurtful to my state of mind.
I will make great effort to use these ideas when facing any stressful situation.
Peace is available wherever I go if I choose to see it.

    1. Nothing I see means anything.

    God is love and I can only be as God created me to be.
    Therefore, If I'm not seeing with the eyes of love I do not see at all.
    What I see is a world of illusions filled with my judgments.
    I lack vision until I learn to see through the eyes of Light and Love.
    I can either have real vision or nothingness filled with insane thoughts.

    2. I have given what I see all the meaning it has for me.

    I judge everything I see and when I judge I only see what I judge.
    My judgments create a "reality" quite apart from what is actually happening.
    The real world is obscured by a pile of judgments which only hurt me.

    3. I do not understand anything I see.

    How could I understand anything when I have judged everything I see?
    What I see outwardly is a projection of my own errors of thought.
    An insane thought, by definition, is not understandable.
    All conditioning, beliefs, and programming rooted in fear and lack of love simply aren't true.
    I can choose to have a new thought much better than the thought I had before.

    4. These thoughts do not mean anything.

    How can my thoughts mean anything when I'm trying to think without Love, without God?
    The only Real thoughts that I can have are thoughts I think with Love.
    My Real thoughts are always loving.
    I can either have thoughts rooted in fear or thoughts rooted in love.
    It nevers work works out well for me when I attempt to replace God's thoughts with thoughts I have made on my own.

    5. I am never upset for the reason I think.

    There is never a justification for upset.
    I make people, situations, and circumstances my enemies so that I can have a justification for my anger and attack.
    I'm upset because I'm constantly trying to justify my thoughts.
    I desperately believe I want my thoughts to be true.
    I'm willing to let all of this go.
    Just showing a little willingness is all that's required.

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