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5 Ways To Stay Healthier

Life can get pretty hectic. Lots to do. Lots going on. One thing that tends to fall off the list is taking care of ourselves. And yet the most important thing is our health and well-being. Here's a few ways to stick to a healthy routine - cuz, yes, it needs to be a daily routine.

    1. Wake Up A Little Earlier

    I know it's a drag to get up earlier than you'd like AND we all know that sleep is so important. So a few adjustments need to be made - but if you can carve out an earlier start then make it for yourself - that time is for you to meditate, workout, journal, whatever you need to do to start your day on a positive note.

    2. Get More Sleep

    There you go - if you're going to get up earlier then you need to get to sleep earlier. Sleep is critical to your health and well-being

    3. Have Accountability Buddies

    I'm sure you've heard this before and yet it really helps. We all need some extra motivation, especially when it comes to our health and well-being. Plan out your week where you meet up with friends to workout, take classes, plan meals - whatever you need to avoid struggling to do it on your own.

    4. Schedule Your Workouts - Put It In Your Calendar

    All my workouts are in my calendar, and they're on repeat. Example: 6:30am Run x # times a week. 6am weighs x # times per week. I even remind myself of other things i.e. meditate, yoga, etc. If I schedule it I'm 100% more likely to do it.

    5. Don't Wait Until You Feel Like Doing Something

    Don't wait until you feel like working out or eating healthy or whatever that 'thing' is for you. Because, in fact RARELY do you feel like doing something - especially when it comes to health & fitness (for most) - Taking care of your health actually takes a concerted effort.

    If you don't feel like doing something - Do it anyway. 😀

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