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6 Reasons NOT To Act Your Age

We say age is just a number and yet from a female perspective we may be hesitant to share our age for fear of being stereotyped, stigmatized due to ageism. There tends to be this preconceived idea that we're supposed to 'act' a certain way at any given age.

    1. Don't Act Your Age

    If age is just a number then what 'number' do you feel you are if you didn't know your actual age?

    Often we 'feel' our age because we're bombarded with so many stereotypes via media as to how we're 'supposed' to act at any given stage.

    In fact, it's an act anyway - so act however you want - just make sure you feel good about how you act rather than lousy.

    2. Your Age May Be Stopping You From Living

    As you get older you may hear yourself saying, "Oh I'm too old for that." You may be saying that because you've been told that you're too old, or that you're letting fear override your sense of adventure. Things can happen at any age. Think about why you're stopping yourself from doing something.

    3. You've Been Told You Can't - And It Freaks You Out

    Stop listening to people who tell you how you're supposed to 'act' or 'be' at any given age - start with your own family. Too often I've seen family members telling their parents what they shouldn't be doing as they get older.

    The best part about being an adult is that you can do what you want. So, do it!

    4. It's Boring

    It's boring to have to 'act' a certain way. When we have preconceived ideas of how we're supposed to act at a certain age it tends to be less fun than more - especially past the age of let's say 14. By that time we're supposed to act more mature or to 'know better.' It kinda takes the fun out of things.

    5. You May Lose Your Spark Of Curiosity

    When you dwell on your age. A number. You tend to start to convince yourself that you're too old to thrive vibrantly. What happens is, you start to lose your curiosity about yourself and the world around you. You tend to get less curious and more complacent.

    6. You're Sick Of Hearing That You Look Great For Your Age

    I appreciate that you may be complimenting someone by saying this, and yet what exactly should "30, 40, 50, 60 etc." look like?

    The more people that lead their life based on how they feel rather than what their age is, the more we'll be able to change the conversation around age. We'll no longer feel we need to say, "......... for your age."

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