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6 Reasons you need to start keeping your word

Some of us are so good at making promises either to gain a certain respect or maintain a certain persona.

But what’s more important is not how much more you say or the sweet words you use to convince people – but doing what you say you’ll do.

We can’t be 100% right always about keeping ouro word but it’s something we can always strive to do.

The only thing you have in life is your Word. The point is to ascribe value and respect to the words you speak.

"Why it's Important to Keep Your Word"

    1. Build self-confidence and self esteem

    Self-confidence builds from doing things you’re proud of. This includes keeping your word.

    If you can’t keep your word – you doubt yourself more and it contributes in loss of self-respect and confidence.

    2. Develop trust from others

    There are people you know you can’t trust for certain things – why because their actions are totally different from what they say.

    And there are people you can vouch for even in your sleep.

    One of the reasons people trust you is when they can take you for your word.

    It also applies to relationships - as this trust can build or destroy your relationships.

    3. Gain Respect and credibility

    People will respect you more when you start keeping your word.

    Your credibility will increase when you start keeping your word.

    4. Crush anxiety

    Have you ever seen someone stressed out because their previous lies are about to catch up with them?

    How much more stressed and anxious would one be if you don't keep your word as a lifestyle?

    The idea is to make decisions with integrity, even if that means making less money or recognition.

    5. Become Self- motivated

    Lots of people are seeking motivation to doing what they need to do. But success comes from hardwork and taking action.

    Keeping your word makes this process easier. You can manifest the life you want by doing what you say.

    ONE thing you can do today to instantly increase your motivation and be more disciplined?

    Don't break any promises to yourself.

    If you say you're going to get up at 5am make sure you do it.

    6. Gain Integrity over time

    People with integrity do what they say they are going to do. Others have excuses.

    Integrity is a combination of the trust and respect from others and the reputation you have built overtime.

    For Entrepreneurs building their business, it pays to honest with yourself and those you serve.

    7. Conclusion

    If you're struggling with keeping your word - remember it all starts with one step at time!

    One word at a time!

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