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6 Ways To Be Happier Today

It can be all too easy to lose sight of what matters in life. Busy family and work life can suck the air out of everyday. But there's so much to be thankful for, so here's a reminder for myself and anyone who may find this useful.

    1. Check in on your health

    I'm not in the hospital, or needing medical attention. I'm generally in good health, which, as the saying goes, as long as you have your health!

    2. Breathe fresh air

    Working inside all day--whether at home or in an office--is stifling. Recycled air might keep you alive, but are you really living? Step outside. Breathe deeply. Repeat.

    3. Look at pictures of my kids

    This never fails. And it's easy, since my phone is always on me. A quick look at some photos of time at the park last weekend, or when the face paint was deployed without me knowing, is a sure-fire way to make me smile.

    4. Take a walk

    When I work at the office there's more motivation to get out for a stroll, maybe pop in to the bookstore and see what's new. When I work remote, I find it tough to walk around my neighbourhood. It just feels weird. But I know a walk, even past my neighbours' homes, would do me good.

    5. Listen to upbeat music

    Lately I've been on an EDM kick. The energy and beat of the music is energizing. And it makes me feel more positive.

    6. Plan to do something nice for someone

    Doing things for others invariably makes you feel good.

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