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6 Ways to Make Employers Notice Your Resume

How to make your resume stand out from everyone else's when applying for a job

    1. Don't list jobs in reverse chronological order.

    On your resume, it's better to put the most recent job first and then list the others in reverse chronological order.

    2. Make it one page (unless you are very senior)

    Nobody is going to read a two page resume. Put everything on one page.

    3. Use a different color for each company worked for.

    For instance, if you worked at Company A from 1999-2002, use a different color than Company B where you worked from 2002-2005.

    4. Put your "skills" at the top of your resume.

    In today's job market, employers want someone who can hit the ground running and be productive immediately. So make it clear what skills you have that will help an employer do this when they hire you.

    5. Have 3-5 bullet points of things that make you unique or stand out from other applicants for this job.

    For instance, if applying for a job as a writer at a media company, maybe write "Wrote for Vice Magazine" or "Regular contributor to Forbes", etc.

    6. Have multiple email addresses listed on your resume but only one phone number (and make sure it's current).

    If someone wants to contact you after reading your resume they can call or email but not both (because they won't want to appear too eager). This way they will have to decide which method they prefer and perhaps call instead of email so they don't seem too eager. Also, make sure your phone number is current because many people these days look up phone numbers online before calling someone so this way they will know it's real and not an old number that has been disconnected.
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