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7 Cases where quality is more important than quantity

People often say that quality is more important than quantity. Here are 7 cases in which I think this is true.

    1. Memories

    A bunch of fuzzy memories vs. fewer, more detailed memories. I'd take the latter most days.

    2. Pieces remaining on the chess board

    I'd definitely rather have one queen left than 9 pawns

    3. Sweaters

    I'd rather have a few nice sweaters than a bunch of junky ones. Nicer sweaters are typically warmer and often come in classic styles too, which speaks to their perreniality.

    4. Candy

    Definitely want to splurge for the good stuff here, for both health and enjoyment purposes.

    5. Shoes

    Kind of similar to sweaters, except shoes are even more versatile. Good shoes can last decades!

    6. Vacations

    Both from work and just for leisure. Re work, a few good, restful days off is worth a lot more in terms of reducing burnout than a week of running around doing a million things. For leisure, I really prefer "slow travel": spending more time in one place and getting to know it in-depth, vs. maximizing the amount of places I can see.

    7. Friendships + Close Relationships

    This one speaks for itself! Although the opposite is true for networking.

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