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6 more ways to have fun using a coin

    1. Coin spinning

    2. Elbow stacking / flipping

    Start with your elbow bent, palm up, forearm level with floor. Similar to balancing a heavy serving tray on your shoulder.

    Stack one or more coins on your forearm, at the elbow.

    Rapidly swing your open hand forward and down. The goal is to catch the falling coins.

    3. See who can roll one the farthest.

    4. Use three coins to play a form of table top football.

    5. Use the coin to play an arcade game.

    Start by placing three coins together in a triangle on a smooth table or desk. Two facing the goal. One facing you.

    Quickly tap the single coin facing you. The other two should slide forward on their own.

    Shoot any coin in between the other two. Always trying to move across the table toward the goal. If you miss a shot, miss the goal, or the coin slides off the table, your turn is over and your opponent gets a turn.

    6. Pitching coins

    Take turns tossing coins against a wall. Player whose coin falls closest to the wall after hitting it wins. Winner keeping loser's coins is optional.

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