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7 Reasons I should consider starting a desi clothing/accessories business

One of my cousins is getting married soon, so we're all involved in wedding planning. A large part of this revolves around organizing our outfits for the many wedding ceremonies. Looking at local shops, I was stunned at how expensive all the products were, despite some signs that the businesses weren't especially well-run. This all got me to thinking... why can't I do that?

    1. I have a bunch of aunts who I could lean on for support

    Having support and resources really reassures me. My aunts are very stylish too, so they could help pick out good stuff. Plus, one of my aunts had a boutique at one point.

    2. Our family has connections to the subcontinent, which would facilitate import/export

    If I didn't know how to get access to clothes, jewelry, and other things to sell, I'd have a problem. Fortunately, I have easy access to a steady stream of goods

    3. I could start small, so there’s low risk

    By no means do I need to immediately establish a brick-and-mortar storefront. Instead, I could start with something as simple as a Facebook Marketplace or a Shopify store.

    4. This is a good way to put my mba to use, and running my own small business could be a great learning opportunity

    I've been studying for years. Why not try to put some of the concepts I've learned into practice? Having to implement my learnings will really drive them home.

    5. Maybe, someday, this could be a profitable side hustle

    Who knows? A girl can dream.

    6. I have extra time on my hands

    Since finishing my mba, I no longer have a degree to study for. So, I have about 15 extra hours per week. That seems like plenty of time to get something off the ground.

    7. I’m in the mood for a new challenge

    Again-- now that I have no degree to study towards, I want a new goal to work to.

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