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7 Reflections on Canadian McDonalds

Another list about fast food. Clearly I'm on a roll health-wise.

    1. With the strength of the dollar, it's way cheaper than U.S. McDonalds

    Inflation hasn't helped U.S. Mcdonald's either. There's hardly a dollar menu anymore!

    2. McDo Poutine is better than authentic poutine

    The cheese curds in the real stuff are too strong.

    3. Most items are the same

    The menu isn't as foreign as in some other countries. It makes sense, since Canada is our Northern cousin.

    4. The (fake) fireplaces in the restaurant looked swanky

    Even McDonalds comes off as cozy! Canada is prepared for inclement weather, it must be said.

    5. November is McDonalds Monopoly month

    Unlike in the US, where this is in October. Such a fun game

    6. It's fun to see everything named in French

    Since we're in Quebec, French is the official language. Many things are bilingual English/French, including all the menu items.

    7. Ketchup is free!

    Unlike in many European countries, where you have to pay by the packet. I'm not a huge ketchup fan, but I like the thought of being able to indulge at McDonalds.

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