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7 Things Happen to You When you are Completely Honest

I first wrote this list a long time ago. But I have to remind myself of this after these past few years.

    1. People will stop speaking to you

    Friends, family, people who weren't speaking to you in the first place.

    2. People will think you are going to kill yourself

    New addendum to this: "...and they will be happy if you did that."

    3. People will think you are crazy.

    4. People will get frightened

    New addition to this: "....and when people are frightened they will act with irrational hate towards you."

    5. People will find you entertaining.

    This has a good side and a bad side. The good side is they read you more. The bad side is they say things like, "oh, that's just James being controversial for the sake of controversy." Note: if anyone is controversial for the sake of controversy that would just be bad writing.

    So people think you are entertaining only to avoid the reality of what you are saying by being honest.

    6. People will trust your advice

    This is very true. You can admit to every failure and its unbelievable how many opportunities are created for you. An honest person is extremely rare in this world.

    7. You become free.

    This was a nice way to end this list when I first wrote it. But I realize it is not completely true. Your honesty itself follows you around like a prison guard.

    If that makes any sense.

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