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7 Things I Would Do When I Travel or Move to a New City

I'm not currently planning to move. This is more of a thought experiment to see what kinds of things I would do to quickly learn about an area before I move there permanently.

    1. Do Some Kind of Vehicle for Hire Service Like Uber or Lyft

    This would give me an opportunity to learn the general layout of the area I'm in as well as earn some pocket change in the process.

    2. Go to the Major Tourist Traps to Get Them Out of the Way

    Living in most cities generally feel the same. The only things setting most cities apart are the tourist attractions. I may as well visit them to say that I did.

    3. Join a Local Club or Association

    This would give me a social outlet to mingle with the locals.

    4. Go to as Many Job Interviews as I Can Schedule in My Stay

    Ideally I would have some kind of remote work that I could take with me as I travel, but if I don't, I better do what I can to get a job so I don't go broke.

    5. If I Don’t Have a Permanent Apartment or House, Use AirBnB or Find Friends Who’ll Host Me

    This is more for an extended trip (at least a month) than for a permanent move.

    6. Go for Long Walks Assuming the Neighborhood I’m in Is Generally Safe

    This is for exercise as well as to learn the area I'm in better.

    7. Journal My Thoughts During My Stay

    I will likely have things that I like or dislike about the area. If I journal my thoughts consistently, I can better figure out if the city is a place I want to stay in and not just rely on my first and last impressions of the place before I leave.

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