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7 Ways to improve the workplace

I work from home in an outbuilding that is sort of like a treehouse.

    1. Heat

    I have no heat out there, just a plug in space heater that takes awhile to heat up what I think is only about 120 square feet.

    2. Radio charger

    I have a fire radio out there with me. When a call for service comes in, I have to know about it and respond. Every few days I bring the radio back in to charge it back up.

    3. Smart TV

    I have to use a Fire Stick. It's fine but not optimal.

    4. Internet could always be faster

    5. Higher ottoman

    I sit in a chair with an ottoman and have my laptop on a desk sort of thing that goes on my lap. The ottoman isn't quite high enough in relation to the chair. I put a pillow sort of thing on the ottoman to make it right.

    6. Hornet!

    We seem to always have a few hornets around and they can come in through the ceiling fan. It's not a lot, maybe two a day on warm days but I should get up there and fill it in.

    7. Pretty good

    While the above things are all true, they're pretty small potatoes in terms of work problems they way most people probably think of them. Working for yourself makes almost everything about working better.

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