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7 Ways to Use Notepd: An Idea List

I'm going to start using Notepd (and the unlisted tab) for my journaling. Which gave me some more ideas how I might use this site for more than "just" ideas.

    1. Weekly

    Along with your daily idea list have a private or unlisted list that you add to. At the end of the week (or whatever schedule you choose) go back and cherry pick the best ones and post.

    Good for. . .

    - Articles

    - To Do's

    - Planning

    - [ Branch off - Any more ideas that this could be useful for? ]

    2. Journal "Unlisted"

    Today I did my first journal entry in the unlisted section. I like this since so if I have an idea whilst journaling, I can easily switch to an idea list.

    3. "On the Go" Ideas

    Now with the Notepd mobile apps soon to be finished I can use it for idea lists when "lightning strikes"

    4. DUH! Collab Tab

    Maybe I'm the last to realize this, ha! On The James Altucher Show (episode here) James mentions one of the features (now gone I believe) where you start a list and then you tag someone to finish it.

    I always wondered how it was intended to be used 😅🤦‍♂️

    5. AM/PM Let it Rest Writing

    One of my favorite authors Steven Pressfield talks about this in his writing. He'll write something and step away. Sometimes what he thought was horrible later turned out to be great.

    Write an idea list in the morning and then revisit it at night. Or nightly writing then am editing.

    6. Share with Editors (or anyone)

    Also in the podcast, James mentions some of his editorial contacts reached out to him about using Notepd. I thought this is a cool way to put your ideas in a list and share the link privately with a group of people to edit/read/etc.

    I think someone had thought of this idea (and made a list) here on Notepd. It didn't click until I heard it again.

    7. Daily Stories (mobile app)

    Most people's days are about the same. Wake up, go here, go there, do this, and go home. As a way to create stories/ideas, this gives you a "mission" with a place to house it, like a DIY challenge.

    As an example, @Nemo a while back wrote about a family encountered at the museum. In the same way, ideas can be thought of for problems of others around or things seen that could use a solution.

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