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8 Horrible Things About Social Media

Social media has done some good things for society. Created jobs and connected people. There have also been some bad side effects of social media.

    1. User depression

    People follow aspirational Instagram accounts and then get disappointed when their life does not look as good as the people they follow.

    2. Skewed version of reality

    People have almost total free speech on social media so things that are not true, but sound reasonable can make people believe a reality that is different from the facts.

    3. Megaphone

    Mother Teresa having a megaphone is a good thing. Other people having a megaphone can be a bad thing, these people can reach a large audience, but have a more sinister purpose.

    4. Invasive monitoring

    The users are the product and the social media companies are monitoring their users trying to get them to stay longer within their metaverse and keep viewing more advertising. This creates incentives for social media that are not always healthy for humans.

    5. Not sharing the wealth

    Social media companies are taking in billions of dollars. They are some of the most lucrative businesses in the world, but they are not sharing that wealth with the users or creators. This is driving divide between rich and poor.

    6. Missed warning signs

    Lots of mass shooters have left messages on social media that would predict their future horrible actions and the social media companies did not report the information to the authorities or they were protecting the rights of these individuals.

    7. Too much screen time

    Calling myself out on this one. It is probably not a good thing that humans are staring at a screen for such a long time. And social media is so addictive that people are staying on there too long.

    8. Tribalism

    Social media has taken tribalism to the next level. If you join a social media tribe online then people not in your tribe suddenly become evil. This leads to a breakdown in communication necessary for a functioning society.

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