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8 quick glimpses of my life stream events.

Synchronic past, present and future.

    1. How's this: I crossed paths at 9 years old with a girl, she says" I'm going to marry him. Problem is her name was unkown to me, she lived 50 miles away.

    2. Then, at 19...she turns up as distant radio host. Though I didn't relate to it being her from my past. I drove 50 miles sat by her station, and then I feared she wouldn't talk to me, so I drove back home.

    3. 44 years later, yes I finally meet her without knowing it was that "marrying type" little girl from 45 years earlier. Yes, we're together now forever.

    4. Fear saves us and guides our path when we use our sense of self.

    5. John Gacey a mass murderer tried coaxing me to his car. AT 14, I knew to walk at 2:30am far from roadway. I know it was him now then I didn't. Gacey had a large car with a red painted spotlight, I saw that car parked by my house that day.

    6. It dawned on me I had saw Barach Obama at a symposium, years before his Presidency. His name then was Barry and he was an editor for college paper. His voice, his name and his demeamer stuck... and years later I remembered him.

    7. I witnessed the family of Mitt Romney carrying the dog caged to their Volvo roof. The excretement flowing down the side of the car, I couldn't forget. Years later it was one thing that possibly costed Mitt his run for the Presidency.

    8. A consumated relationship for me, to make sure 15 family members had a safe home. Many issues faced this family, but as a truck driver I was their safety for 9 years. I saw this future partner on a sidewalk 35 yrs before with no idea.

    9. We all live in a stream of consciousness, we don't always recognize we're given links to our future along the way. But when we do, it's a beautiful thing.

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