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8 Reasons to shop at Goodwill

I'm looking to furnish a new apartment and am shopping at a variety of places, including Goodwill. Is it the most glamorous place to shop? Definitely not, but it has several advantages.

    1. Excellent prices

    And I mean excellent. I got a large standing globe holder for $8 today, and they usually go for $100+

    2. One person's trash...

    ...is another's treasure. In my hometown we have a large population of elderly people, many of whom are looking to downsize and get rid of stuff they've accumulated over the years. Goodwill is an easy place to drop off things that can still be used, and, for the rest of us, there are some great finds.

    3. To resell certain high-value items online

    You probably have to have a good eye to be able to do this effectively, but some people make a living this way.

    4. Furniture that can be refurbished into great pieces

    Some of the items I've found at Goodwill are damaged, but for more handy people they can probably be converted into usable, nice furniture with a bit of work.

    5. Unique or antique styles

    In clothes, furniture, and more. You can often find things at Goodwill that they don't make anymore.

    6. To support a nonprofit

    Goodwill's mission is to "help people with disabilities, and other barriers to employment, achieve independence and self-sufficiency through job training and support services." So, some portion of any purchases made there will go towards a social end. I know there's been some controversy regarding just how much of Goodwill's profits are spent on their mission, but the organization is certainly more philanthropic than most traditional, for-profit companies.

    7. In the spirit of reusing and recycling

    Many people prefer to shop "pre-owned" or "pre-loved" for ecological reasons.

    8. You won't feel guilty if you make an impulse buy

    This point is really a combination of many of the above, but it's something I've definitely felt!

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