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8 ways I would spend my time if money didn't matter

One of the reasons I chose to work in tech was to ensure my financial independence, stability, and security. While I do like my job a lot, if I suddenly came into wealth I think I might devote my time to other passions. Here are some of the ones that come to mind.

    1. Participating in archaeological digs

    I've always loved the ancient world, and I think there's something very exciting about searching for remnants of our past.

    2. Collecting languages

    I love learning languages, so I would love to go to different countries, take language immersion classes, and become fluent in languages that interest me.

    3. Preserving endangered languages

    According to UNESCO, about half of the 6,000 languages spoken today are in danger of disappearing. Language is intimately and inherently tied to culture, and to see cultures dying out saddens me. I would love to dedicate my time to preserving dying languages.

    4. Deciphering Linear A

    Keeping with the theme of languages, I'd love to dedicate time to deciphering Linear A. This is probably foolhardy, since many linguists have devoted their entire careers to trying, but I'd be happy to participate in the quest.

    5. Writing a book

    I don't know what I'd write a book about, but this is something I'd love to try. It's probably also the most accessible item on this list, as I could do it now if I really put my mind to it and made the time.

    6. Creating a series where I film and cook with lifelong chefs to preserve their traditions and techniques

    Something similar to Pasta Grannies, but maybe for Pakistani food because I know a lot of people who fit the profile.

    7. Babysitting

    I would've just put hanging out with kids, but I'm aware of how weird that sounds. I've always loved little kids though and find them so cute, even when they're annoying.

    8. Learning how to freehand needlepoint

    For now, I stick to the kits and painted canvases.

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