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8 ways to guerrilla market a local service business

    1. Free trial service

    And then collect two or more referrals.

    2. Add advertising to your crowd sourcing

    Drive for DoorDash, while wearing your house cleaning service shirt. etc

    3. Barter with a local media company

    Trade services for ad space / time on the local radio station or the local paper

    4. Partner with adjacent businesses.

    Have your house cleaning service buy the boxes for your local pizzeria. Of course, the box is printed with your advertising as well.

    5. Make sure your vehicle is registered as the business vehicle.

    You can use your company vehicle as a mobile billboard and enjoy some tax benefits.

    6. Ba a partner sponsor at a local community event.

    Great way to demonstrate and explain your service to attendees, passersby, and local officials. And shows that you support the community that supports you

    7. Host your own community event that somehow relates to your service.

    For your car detailing service, partner with the local high school and hold a car wash fundraiser.

    For your laundry service, organize, organize a spartan race or a "mud run."

    8. Be very aggressive with your pricing.

    This works in both directions. You can find ways to be more affordable than your perceived competitors. Or, you can charge significantly more than your competitors by providing a superior service. Right or wrong, consumers often relate price to quality.

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