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9 Great Things About Social Media

Social Media has changed the world. The bad news always gets lots of press. People make Zuckerberg out to be the devil, but it has done a lot of good things.

    1. Created new social media jobs.

    Social media companies have created thousands of new technology jobs. They have made users entrepreneurs.

    2. Created new advertising jobs

    Thousands of workers are employed to facilitate advertising on these huge platforms

    3. New entrepreneurs

    The rise of the influencer. People that make a living off these apps.

    4. New tax revenue

    These social media companies are public and have to pay different taxes from property to payroll to business income taxes.

    5. New friends

    Connect with people in groups. Or people you would have never met in real life. Or people around the world you may never meet in real life.

    6. Share information

    You can get a lot of information from social media on any topic. Become an expert faster.

    7. Record your life

    Many people use social media as a diary.

    8. Get inspiration

    I like to follow travel channels. Countries I want to visit. Hikes I want to go on. Hotels I want to stay at.

    9. Be creative

    Stretch that creativity muscle and start making art that other people can see and enjoy right on your phone. Break down those walls that have been put up.

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