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9 Ideas For Calm

To anyone facing a time when calm is needed, I've found these helpful.

    1. Journaling Without Sight

    Listen to your most calming music, sounds, or open silence-if this finds you right. Close your eyes and type. Allow yourself to find a rhythm, an outpour into the keys as you release the tension from your chest.

    2. Art Scrolling

    Social media has a bad name because it mostly is. Find art or photography you most vibe with and scroll as you deal with the rapid thoughts and think of the patterns. Let it come forth.

    3. Nightly Strolls

    This night or another go out into the woods. Feel the night and open yourself to what may. It can be your solace.

    4. Meditation

    I've never understood the practices of emptying the mind. Fill the mind with what causes you to crumble and when you do have a wisp as to the solution write it down.

    5. Stoic Thoughts

    I should have learned stoicism much earlier on. Another powerful tool social media offers you, if you focus on the right accounts. Lean into the messages from the stoics and remember, "Focus on what you can control, not on those things you cannot"

    6. Zen Setting

    I use Castbox and as I write these ideas, Zen Mode is playing. I hear the soft brush of waves across the sand and the soft song of birds as a sound, wide and ominous plays.

    7. Reflection of

    Lull the mounting stress with reflection of what you've done well. Keep this as a reminder to yourself as you face what comes. Not all things must be negative.

    8. Push When Things Aren't as They Should Be

    A strong notion of Jordan Peterson. Dwelling on doing the one thing you can, to move one foot forward. This alone can give you hope and a sense of possibility.

    9. Ideas

    On the back of forward single steps, #9. Ideas do this as well. I find these are best in combination. Inevitably you must leap on the ideas you draw from you mind, yet if things are so foreign to your own sanity, simply writing them day after day helps you realize you have potential. This might also be the one first step. I will be forever grateful for the idea of writing ideas.

    10. Good Night

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