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9 Products That Could Be Made More Green

It is really hot outside. The creation of products produces a lot of carbon emissions. What products could be made in a more earth friends way?

    1. Kitchen appliances

    Fridge, dishwasher, oven, microwave.

    Can they be made without metal?

    2. Gold

    Could gold be artificially made without having to mine for it in the mountains of Nevada.

    3. Farming

    Lake Mead is drying up.

    One of the reasons is that too states and cities are using the water. Farming is a big drain on water. Can plants be grown without sunlight and water? Or less sunlight and water?

    4. Space shuttles

    How much energy is used to send rockets into space. Can there be a way to send things into space without using gas.

    5. Speaking of gas - Airplanes

    One of the biggest industries in the world is the airlines. Every year new airlines come online.

    Can airplanes be made to fly without gas?

    6. Homes

    It takes a lot of wood to build new structures. Homes, wharehouses, offices etc.

    Can structures be built without the use of wood? That would save a lot of trees.

    7. Steel

    Can steel be made in a more earth friendly way. It takes a lot of resources to produce this product.

    8. Concrete

    Is there another substance as strong as concrete that will cool the earth rather than heat it up?

    9. Clothing

    I wonder how much clothing is created each year. How much cotton is used to create new clothing?

    Is there a material that is just as good as cotton that could replace it in the manufacture of new clothing.

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