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9 ways to become an expert

    1. Read 1000 books on the topic

    Who reads 1000 books on a singular topic? No one. But if you do, you'll know almost everything there is to know about a topic. 1000 not enough? Read 10,000.

    2. Write what you learn

    As you read, take notes. Then write about what you've learned. Write publicly. Write on LinkedIn. Write on Twitter. Pretty soon, you'll be known as the person for that topic.

    3. Give free speeches

    Offer to give free speeches to clubs, associations, business schools or conferences. Tell them you're an expert in X. Prepare like hell to give the best speech ever. Deliver it. Get it recorded. Then put it up on YouTube (see next point)

    4. Upload videos consistently on the topic

    Whether it's on IG, YouTube, TikTok, find a place for your video. Upload videos every week or two weeks or month (the shorter / more frequent the better).

    5. Brand yourself

    Don't let others brand you. Come up with a personal brand that you are working towards and tell everyone you know.

    6. Teach others

    Find opportunities at colleges or universities to teach the subject. Now you can call yourself an instructor or professor.

    7. Write a book about it

    Using what you have learned, write your own perspective on the topic. If you want to find new ideas, find really old ideas and rehash them with your spin.

    8. Create an online course

    Using your book, create an online companion course about the topic.

    9. Offer to go onto podcasts to talk about the topic

    Podcasts are always trying to find people to interview / topics to share / content to fill the time. Offer to be a podcast interview for related topics (if you want to be an expert in crypto, find podcasts on money, finance or digital transformation).

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