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9.5 things you should never do while taking sleeping pills and beer

Sometimes you need to wash it down

    1. never text your significant other

    You won't remember it the next morning, but he or she definitely will remember

    2. don't leave the house

    for god's sake, just stay inside!!! It's only funny 1 or 2 times, then you start begging them to lock you up!

    3. don't drive a car

    unless its a self-driving car. You should walk, but the walking will run the drug through you much quicker, you'll be face down in a couple minutes.

    4. don't respond to obnoxious messages on social media.

    That will surely be leading to trouble, but occasionally you will be like "did I really say that to that old lady? I wasn't even horny last night!" But then the lady shows up at your house the next night because you gave her your home address.

    5. don't walk through a McDonald's drive thru.

    Although this is always funny, you won't remember it, so save them up for times that you do remember, like when you get high.

    6. don't climb a ladder

    You can't climb a ladder anywhere, not even 2 steps!

    7. Don't go swimming.

    I haven't tried it yet, but I know I will be stuck in the pool and no one around will even try to help me!

    8. Don't put on makeup.

    I don't do that ever, so in this situation, it would look even worse.

    9. Don't drink another beer.

    10. Try Ginger ale instead of beer.

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