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99.375% Of Your Upset Is About What Another Body Is Doing - Being or Having.

    1. What if...

    Johnny stops drinking...would that make you happy? For how long?

    Sally was better at keeping a clean house...would that make you happy? For how long?

    Brad stopped bragging about how much money he's stockpiled...would that make you happy? For how long?

    Tina was no longer addicted to prescription pills...would that make you happy? For how long?

    (fill in the blank) stop/started doing (fill in the blank) would that make you happy? For how long?

    2. Who's business is it?

    Is it your business, their business, or God's business?

    Who's business are you in?

    What happens to your business while you're constantly poking your nose into other people's business?

    3. What would happen if you looked at someone beyond what their physical body is doing?

    What would happen if you forgave them for they know not what they do?

    What would happen if you connected with someone's spirit instead of their body?

    Why do you insist on noticing what you do not like about your brother rather than what you admire?

    4. Did you know that thoughts are like clouds, they come and they go.

    Thoughts arise in the mind. You latch hold of the thoughts and create an entire story, a story that is made up no doubt.

    You stop thoughts in time and make them real.

    You stop thoughts in time and swear they are real and accurate.

    You do damage to yourself by believing in and attaching to the thoughts. You do damage to others when you attack and project your thoughts onto them.

    5. A simple exercise that anyone can do. I dare you, i double dare you to do it.

    Pick one person you have a grievance with right now. A grievance is a real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment.

    Get a good visual of that person in your mind.

    Now write down every grievance that you have with this individual. Don't hold anything back, let your thoughts flow. Keep going until you feel completely spent.

    Isolate each grievance so that you can give it your full attention.

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is what I believe true?
    • What would happen in my life if I could no longer think this thought?
    • How can I see this grievance in him/her without also seeing it myself?
    • Where is this grievance happening, in me or in him/her?
    • Why is my default setting set on what makes me feel bad rather than what makes me feel good?
    • Is the reason I hold such a grievance is because I believe that was me not long ago?
    • Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?
    • Is what I'm thinking and believing about another bringing me peace of mind and happiness?
    • Is the other person even aware of the grievance I hold in my mind?
    • Is this the way that a person that wants to be loving and kind would think?
    • Am I willing to let go of such grievances after I've concluded that they do not serve me? When?
    • Is every grievance that I hold about another not just as true or truer about myself?
    • Wouldn't I come out better if I worked on my own thoughts rather than trying to change something in the world?
    • Don't I realize that what I give is what will be returned to me?
    • Don't I realize that what I fail to give to my brother I also deny myself those same gifts?
    • Am I willing to say there must be a better way of looking at my brother that is far less painful than what I'm doing now?
    • Don't I realize that no one else holds the key to my happiness except me?
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