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A Good Idea - don't let this happen to you -

Some mistakenly believe that a "good idea" holds the answer to all of their problems. 
They imagine that simply coming up with that good idea will somehow make their dreams come true.
They search randomly for the "Aha!" moment, the big idea that often never materializes into much of anything.
Meanwhile, they overlook opportunities that are right within their reach.
All they have to do is reach out and grab it but they don't.

    1. Idea generators are action-oriented.

    They don't sit around and wait to be told what to do.

    2. Idea generators are internally motivated.

    They shoot first and then aim.

    3. Idea generators make the connection between a good idea and applied effort.

    They have a "yes sir", "no sir" or "no excuse sir" attitude.

    4. Idea generators realize that the solution is contained in the problem.

    They don't complain about a problem without also considering the solution.

    5. Idea generators have an abundance mindset.

    They don't hoard their ideas.

    6. Idea generators don't adopt beliefs or make assumptions that are at odds with their own self-interest.

    Their ideas, thoughts, and actions are aligned. 

    7. 10 things to abandon when generating ideas.

    1. Eliminate "how'" things will happen and focus on "who" you will connect with that brings the "how" with them.

    2. Eliminate the self-limiting mindset.

    3. Eliminate the complaints.

    4. Eliminate focusing on what you don't have or what you can't control.

    5. Eliminate the lack and confidence in your own abilities. You are more than enough.

    6. Eliminate each barrier that stands in the way one at a time.

    7. Eliminate the need to render yourself powerless.

    8. Eliminate the need for perfection.

    9. Eliminate the attachment to any particular idea.

    10. Eliminate the desire in trying to determine what the marketplace wants. Everything is a test.

    Question: Will you become the type of person that has one idea after another but acts on none of them?

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