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A great day

Today's been great. So, I thought I'd log what I did in the hopes of having even more great days in the future. 

    1. Night before

    The night before I hung out with some mates. Managed to get a date sorted with a lass I really like. And I didn't drink any alcahol. Proving to myself I can have an awesome night without needing it. 

    2. Stand up set

    I woke up to my friend in China calling me. He then added me into a stand up routine and I was able to perform to comedians in China as well as fans currently in lockdown their. I wasn't the best, but I got to perform and a few jokes landed well. I was really happy with how it went. 

    3. List

    I wrote what I learnt from my first set helping solidify the knowledge gained from the experience. 

    4. Haircut

    Got myself a hair cut. I always feel better when I look my best. 

    5. Old friend

    I saw another old friend whilst shopping. Nice to see that she's doing well. 

    6. Rice

    My dad gave me some tips on how to improve rice when cooking it. This involves butter, tomato sauce and Curr paste. 

    7. Ska band

    There's a ska band at my local bar. I'm having the best night in a while and I haven't touched any alcohol. This is great. Wee brother was up with me. This isn't his scene but even he enjoyed it. By myself now, waiting on other friends. 

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