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A letter to my younger self

I've heard this is meant to help with growth.  Maybe I can add some humour to it as well.

    1. 10

    Alright Rocco.  It's me, you.  I'm you from the future, ohh... Spooky.  Unfortunately we haven't quite got the technology to send people back, but we can send letters so yeah, progress.

    Anyway here's some advice for you.  You'll feel bad about your best friend's crush kissing you, don't you did nothing wrong.  She just liked you more and who can blame her you're awesome.  If you do blame yourself you'll go out of your way to be matchmaker for everyone else, but you leaving you far more alone than you need to be.  And I get that you still think girls are icky and all that, but give it time those thoughts will soon change.

    Anything times by 0 is 0.  No matter how long they equation it will be 0, for example 45 x 164 x 23 x 164 x 0 = .... It's 0 and what's even more amazing is that it doesn't matter where the 0 appears it will always be 0.  I'm telling you this because your math's teacher next year will give you this challenge and if you get it right he'll give you £10.  Get it right.

    Your business venture of selling paper airplanes at school is genius.  Don't let the teachers taking your (not so) hard earned money away from you stop you from thinking of new ways of making money and becoming rich.  I let it get to me and it was a long time before I tried again.  If you never stop you'll be a millionaire at my age.

    2. 12

    Despite what your English teacher insists should, would and mud do not rhyme.  Despite the whole class laughing at you, you're right.  Remember this.  Just because the crowd thinks it's right, stick with your gut.  You're right far more than they are.  Remember to have humility and admit when you are wrong though.  The quicker you admit it the quicker you can learn and become wiser.

    I know you hate Newcastle, don't worry you won't be there for long.  You're also tougher than all those bullies have confidence in yourself and fight back.  You'll win and you'll gain more respect.

    When you do move back to Scotland you'll make new friends.  One of which sadly died a few years back for me.  So make the most out of every interaction with your friends so that you'll always have happy memories once they eventually do die.

    3. 13

    High school isn't easy, but it's not easy for anyone.  Even those that seem to be winning admit all there troubles after highschool.  Do your best, stand up for yourself and those weaker than you.  Don't learn to get good grades, learn to become wiser.  Being wise is far more valuable than having good grades.

    Date as well.  I regret not doing more of it.  Remember everyone feels like a loser, so despite the fact you think they deserve better they know themselves that they don't.  Date and help eachother become better.  

    4. 18

    Write out crap drafts of all your essays as soon as possible.  Aim for an F grade.  Then touch them up over the next few weeks.  Touching up is far easier than getting it perfect the first time.  This trick made writing far easier.

    Get a job.  You might think focusing on uni and getting the best grades possible is the best option, it's not.  After graduation no-one really cares.  What they do care about is work experience.  Volunteer if you need to.

    Read non fiction.  Get smarter.  Get yourself into better shame and set yourself up for success.

    5. 25

    You're going to teach in China this year.  You're first roommate will be a twat.  Feel free to kick his head in as you will regret not doing it whilst you had the chance.  You're second roommate will be weird, but will be like a brother during your time out there.

    Enjoy life.  Make the most of every moment.  Try new things.  Live like a king.

    You can negotiate for far more than you think.  If you don't get it try another school they'll pay almost double what you are making.  If you do stay don't go to the new school.  It may sound like the best option, but it's not.  Being surrounded by women day in and day out will soon drive you insane, you're too different and will clash with someone multiple times throughout the day.  Not worth it.

    6. Final thoughts

    This was fun.  I might look into doing it again for 26+.
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