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    1. Merch

    make or hire artists to make print based designs (limited colour palette, no intricate details). Then print these on multiple products.

    You can print on one product to test. Or even just share the design . Easily expandable as the amount of things you can print on is always expanding (t-shirt, mugs, poster, bag, magnet, keyring)

    2. Snack van/shop

    Im not sue if a van ora shop would be cheeper, but you could sell easy to make snacks (rice dishes, noodles, chips etc.). Add your own twist to food and suddenly you've got a franchise that could be expanded.

    3. Clothing

    Design one item of clothing. Sell that and as your name grows you can branch out and make more variants of the same clothing or try new clothes.

    4. Youth club

    you add your own spin to this club. You have weekly members. If they're having fun they'll advertise for you. And if you lay out a framework you can easily expand to other locations. These are usually charity based, but I'm sure there's someway you could make it into a business.

    5. School

    Teach something useful, then teach how to teach. Your once customers can now expand your school in different locations.

    6. 1 item store

    like the apple store, but with even less clutter. One item on a table, and tons of back stock of said item. Once sold out a new item is placed on the desk.

    7. Podcast Cafe

    A cafe with different rooms, themed around different genres of podcasts. Their can be a self-improvement room, a horror room, a history room, comedy room and you listen to podcasts playing in the background as you have your tea. You wouldn't be able to talk, but other than library's is there anywhere you can go where quiet is a priority? There could even be a reading room for those who would rather chill with a book.

    * I really like this idea. Is it legal to play podcasts or do you need to pay royalties like you do with music? Maybe we could make deals with podcast owners.

    8. Comedy Club

    How could you make your club different ? better seating. Cheeper drinks. Weird cocktails. Better food. Audience interaction (eg. best audience joke can get a free drink). Photogenic (most places don't want photos. If you ease into making it photogenic, you stand out and you get free advertising). Sell merchandise based on jokes, the club itself and comedians who have performed (they can get a cut of sales).

    9. App (blog)

    People use to love blogs. Nowadays its email lists. The next step is dedicated apps. This will allow users to see older posts. Categorise posts. Notifications for when people update their blog. saves your email getting clogged up. It can be individual apps eg The James Althucher app or one big app that has multiple creators involved (The Notepd app).

    10. Toys Car Factory

    Like build a bear, but for cars. Young boys love cars. Imagine a place where you can pick the frame, wheel type, engine, paint job and then race it down a huge hot wheels track to where you buy it.

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